Shaping our community.

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.




The premier link to resources and expertise that help create life-changing opportunities for African American youth.




- Bringing the proper expertise and resources together to  help define issues;


- Identifying, connecting and building capacity among entities to develop collaborative partnerships to address the issues;


- Advocating for resources to address issues; and


- Providing accountability by monitoring outcomes.




The Charlotte Post Foundation values African American youth and their contributions. We embrace the following core values & principles:


- We believe that African American youth should receive equal access and equitable conditions in education and resources to flourish in the community and reach their

greatest potential.


- We recognize challenges facing African American youth in the community and move with urgency to strategically address the issues.


- We are a catalyst for uniting partners to act and implement strategies which transform the lives of  African American youth.


- We understand the value of collaborative partnerships in effectively addressing the challenges facing African American youth.


- We value integrity and ethical behavior in ourselves and in our partners.


- We value effectiveness and accountability and will adapt our strategies when necessary to achieve even greater success with measurable outcomes.


- We believe in the collective intellectual strength of African American youth and their ability to partner in shaping a better community for the future.




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