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Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.


The Charlotte Post Foundation was established in 1996 to provide financial assistance to college-bound African American high school seniors. The Foundation's board members became increasingly alarmed at the number of African American students dropping out of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system (CMS).


Almost 59% of the 2500 CMS high school dropouts in 2007 were African American.  Moreover, the board learned that in North Carolina, 70% of the state's prison inmates are high school dropouts and a high percentage of the African American dropouts who are incarcerated are illiterate. Surveying the landscape to find existing organizations addressing literacy, the board found that programs existed; however, most had a limited scope and limited resources, which resulted in limited impact.


In September 2007, The Charlotte Post Foundation announced a commitment to focus on eliminating systemic problems that impede educational progress for African American children. The foundation continues to provide scholarships to academically-gifted students; however, it has expanded its vision and subsequently, its mission to tackle critical educational needs in the Charlotte region.


Today, facing a changing public school environment, a shifting in funders’ priorities and a crowded literacy service provider field, The Foundation felt it necessary to review our role in this arena.


We hired Patton McDowell and Associates (PMA), a private consulting firm specializing in providing services to philanthropic organizations, to help us with strategic planning. PMA interviewed funders, directors of philanthropic organizations, community leaders and Charlotte Post board members to get an understanding of who the Foundation was and gave their recommendations. Armed with this strategic ammunition, The Charlotte Post Foundation is actively pursuing implementation strategies to remain a player in empowering underserved children, performing below grade level, to succeed.


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