Herschel H. and Cornelia N. Everett Foundation Grants $10,000

Funds to help with Walter G. Byers after school program

Published Tuesday, March 6, 2018

An extra $10,000 is being funneled into a program to bring elementary students who are farthest behind up to or near grade level in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

The money is a grant from the Herschel H. and Cornelia N. Everett Foundation. It was received earlier in February by the Charlotte Post Foundation, which funds a remedial program for under-achieving third- and fourth-graders at Walter G. Byers Elementary School in Charlotte’s Greenville neighborhood.

“We are very pleased to secure this grant,” said Gerald Johnson, president of The Charlotte Post Foundation and publisher of The Charlotte Post. “The money will help continue and expand the program at Byers Elementary. It will support the excellent work that Principal Anthony Callaway and his teachers are doing.”

The Post Foundation’s After School Program funds extra time with teachers for 47 students in the third and fourth grade at Byers Elementary. The students stay in supervised learning activities after the regular school day is completed.

This is the third year for the program that recruits students who are farthest behind grade levels in reading and mathematics skills. Studies have shown that students who are behind grade level in the third grade are likely to drop out before they graduate from high school.

“We conduct progress testing for our students both before and after each semester and these tests confirm that the program is bringing third- and fourth-graders closer to grade-level performance,” Johnson said.

The money from the Everett Foundation will help to make the After School Program available to even more at-risk students in its third year, Johnson added.

The mission of the Herschel and Cornelia Everett Foundation is to create opportunities to empower individuals, develop leadership beneficial to the greater Charlotte area and region and to elevate people.