Continuing Education

Continuing Education


Mallard Creek's Kiersten Hash, left and Ardrey Kell's Samone Cullum, right are the Post Foundation's 2021 CMS Top Senior and Top Senior runner up
 2021 Top Senior Magazine->

The annual Top Senior project recognizes African American high school seniors who are achieving academically as well as involved in extra-curricular activity and community service. Students with a 3.25 grade point average and higher qualify. Participating School districts sends the Foundation the list of qualified Top Senior candidates. The candidates are required to complete an application and to submit an essay in order to be recognized as a Charlotte Post Foundation Top Senior.

The information obtained from the school district and the seniors is compiled and chronicled to produce a Top Senior publication for each district.

The information is also given to a panel of judges in each district to review and select two students to receive scholarships. The judges use a point system to grade the students on 1) essay, 2) grade point average, 3) extra-curricular activity. The two students with the highest score will be awarded the scholarship.

The Top Senior project culminates with a recognition program in May where the Top Seniors along with their family members are invited to celebrate the achievements of these outstanding students. All of the seniors will be given goody bags and the two Top Seniors will be given a trophy along with their scholarship check.

The program is currently in Charlotte Mecklenburg County school district.

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