Corrective Education

Corrective Education

The Charlotte Post Foundation's after school program at Walter G. Byers school is designed to help low performing students in Title I elementary schools become proficient in reading. These students are performing well below grade level because of their inability to read with an early prognosis of dropping out of school by ninth grade.

The after school program uses literacy learning tools designed for small groups of students who need intensive support to achieve grade-level competency. The tools are used during regular school hours. However, students the school principal select to participate in The Charlotte Post Foundation's after school program require more time and personalized attention to grow their reading ability. The principal also selects certified teachers who are familiar with the students and their needs to teach in the program. Each teacher is assigned five students and required to teach three hours per day, three days per week for a school year. 

Students are tested three times per semester using the STAR data assessment system, which consists of research-based test items that provide actionable data in four major skill areas: foundational skills, informational text, literature, and language. Student growth is analyzed and any needed teaching adjustments made to help with student progress. The consistent student growth will eventually lead to proficiency in reading demonstrated through passing end of grade testing. The after school program has seen on average 135 percent growth over baseline testing per semester with a median of 160 percent.

The foundation pays for the teachers, student transportation and extra-curricular activities to expand student exposure beyond their current reach. The number of students served depends on the amount of funds raised.

We are very proud to announce that seven students in the program attained proficiency in reading.